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Image: The Friend at Midnight and The Persistent Widow
by Nelly Bube


From the September/October 2014 Horizons Magazine,
To Change the Power Behind the Law

Image: The Friend at Midnight and The Persistent Widow
by Nelly Bube.

About This Issue
Law & Power

Some people love rules. Do you? The tidiness of knowing what’s allowed and what’s not makes life seem so predictable. Whether that predictability is comforting or constricting could be contested endlessly. But we learn what we’re supposed to do and the penalty if we don’t.

With so many sets of rules and a lifetime of navigating them, there’s always a moment when we realize that some rules aren’t as clear cut as they initially seemed. We’ve all had the realization that “legal and illegal” or “allowed and disallowed” don’t fully line up with “right and wrong.” Perhaps that moment is a debate over the ethics of a law. Perhaps that moment is realizing that the rules you thought were true for everyone hinge on your particular racial ethnic, gender, social or religious identity. Perhaps that moment is realizing that your faith calls you to a higher standard than do society’s laws.

The authors in this issue tackle these uncomfortable intersections. Leslie Woods and Donna Schaper look at laws that govern campaign finances and immigration, respectively, then urge us to consider whom the current systems excludes and what we can do to work for more inclusive legislation. Bryce Wiebe and Bill Somplatsky-Jarman examine issues of power and money and how as consumers or investors, we can choose to channel our money toward empowerment and justice rather than systems of oppression. Kathy Reeves and Molly Casteel investigate power dynamics in mission trips and General Assembly meetings, respectively. In short, all of the articles and resources in this issue speak to the tension between power and faith, while simultaneously speaking to how our faith empowers us to create a just and inclusive world.



Current Issue

Cover of the September/October 2014 issue of Horizons magazine: Law & Power

Items underlined can be seen in this Web site, all others appear in the September/ October issue, HZN-14-240.

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2014–2015 Horizons Bible Study

Reconciling Paul:
A Contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians

by Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty

Suggestions for Leaders
by Irene Pak

Paul's writings are some of the most influential in Christianity. Revisiting the struggles Paul faced and the authenticity and integrity of his theology is an essential task for churches today in the midst of great change. Paul, like us, wrestled with and questioned his faith as he tried to live as authentically as possible in an ancient world that, like ours, was also in the midst of great change. What can we learn from visiting 2 Corinthians and considering Paul’s theology and ideas as they relate to the context of our time? Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty invites us all to read Paul’s letter afresh in light of today’s issues. Concepts of shared partnership, power in weakness, healing, reconciliation, love, and a new apostolate all figure prominently in her reading of Paul.





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