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Encore Issues

Each issue of Horizons has articles that relate to a given theme and elaborate on that theme from a variety of perspectives. Plus, every issue of Horizons includes a devotional, book reviews, news from the PW Churchwide Coordinating Team and a Bible study resource based on the PW/Horizons Bible study.

New subscribers: see what you've been missing.

Longtime subscribers: order multiple copies for event participants and plan your event around an issue's theme.

Single issues are $4 each (plus shipping and handling, 10% of order total, $5.25 minimum, $65 maximum). Order 5 or more issues for $1.50 each (plus shipping and handling).

To order call Presbyterian Distribution Service, 800/524-2612, and ask for Horizons Encore Issues.

Planning a retreat, gathering
or other PW event?
The perfect resource
is just a phone call away!

But order now,
because when they're gone...



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