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Past Horizons Magazines (still available in limited quantities)
Planning a retreat, annual gathering or other PW event? The perfect resource is just a phone call away! Order now, because when they're gone, they're gone!

Order past 2007 Horizons magazines by clicking below links or call 866/802-3635.


Cover image of Horizons January/February 2007 issue: Generations

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Jan/Feb 2007

Cover image of Horizons March/April 2007 issue: Living With Death

"Read about it"

Mar/Apr 2007

Cover image of Horizons May/June 2007 issue: Bible 101

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May/Jun 2007

Cover image of Horizons July/August 2007 issue: Environment

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Jul/Aug 2007


Cover image of Horizons September/October 2007 issue: Celebrations and Sabbath

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Sept/Oct 2007

Cover image of Horizons November/December 2007 issue: Women and Children

"Read about it"

Nov/Dec 2007


Each issue of Horizons has articles that relate to a given theme and elaborate on that theme from a variety of perspectives. Plus, every issue of Horizons includes a devotional, book reviews and a Bible study resource based on the Horizons Bible study.

New subscribers: see what you've been missing.

Longtime subscribers: order multiple copies for event participants and plan your event around an issue's theme.

Single issues are $4 each*
Order 5 or more issues for $1.50 each*

To order call Presbyterian Distribution Service, 800/524-2612, and ask for Horizons Encore Issues.

* (plus shipping and handling, 10% of order total, $4.50 minimum, $60 maximum)


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