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2015–2016 Horizons Bible Study

Come to the Waters
by Judy Record Fletcher

Suggestions for Leaders
by Larissa Kwong Abazia

In this study, we consider the waters of chaos in Genesis, and the River of Life in the last chapter of Revelation, where chaos is no more. Water plays a central role in the stories of creation, the delivery of God's people (through the parting of the Red Sea and the crossing of the Jordan River), judgment of a people weak in faith, and the adoption of the people of God through baptism. Sometimes there is too much waer (think Noah) and sometimes there is too little water (think drought in the desert). Together, we will explore some of the Bible's 800 references to water.

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Companion DVD (coming soon!)
Judy Record Fletcher introduces, "Come to the Waters." Lessons from the study will be taught by Vice moderator of the PCUSA and suggestions for Leaders writer, Larissa Kwong Abazia.
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Workshop for Leaders
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Main Points and Lesson Summaries
These summaries are pulled from each lesson of the Bible study. They provide you with a brief overview of the important aspects of each lesson.
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About the Author

Judy Record Fletcher Judy Record Fletcher is a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). She grew up in Texarkana, Texas, where she was a member of the United Presbyterian Church. She received a BA in English and history from Lamar University and an MDiv from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Judy has served as a director of Christian education in North Carolina and as pastor in churches in Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. In her last two parishes she served as co-pastor with her husband, J. David Fletcher.

She has written for Presbyterians, Lutherans, and the United Church of Christ. She has served as keynote speaker, director, and preacher for conferences at every governing body level of the denomination. She has chaired special committees for the General Assembly.

After serving as executive of the Synod of the Sun for 14 years, Judy retired in July 2011. She continues to serve on two boards: the Insurance Board for Presbyterians, Disciples of Christ, and the United Church of Christ; and the Presbyterian Pan American School. In October 2011, she accepted an invitation from the Council of Churches of Cuba to teach workshops in Cuba on how to include the arts in worship.

Judy enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with her son and his wife, gardening, cooking (for entertainment, not everyday stuff!), and dabbling in arts.

About the Suggestions for Leaders Author

Larissa Kwong Abazia Larissa Kwong Abazia is a teaching elder in the PC(USA), a journey that has taken her from the East Coast to the Midwest and back again. Larissa is passionate about racial justice work and seeks God's call to beloved community in everything that she does. She currently serves as vice moderator of the 221st General Assembly. When Larissa isn't doing "church-y" things, she loves reading, writing, and exploring new places with her family.


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