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Bronze sculpture of people in Jericho blowing horns

Bronze Sculpture, Jericho by Philip Ratner
Used by permission of the Ratner Museum, Baltimore, MD
2009–2010 Horizons Bible Study

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A Journey of Faith

by Mary Mikhael

Suggestions for Leaders
by Joyce MacKichan Walker

In the nine lessons of Joshua: A Journey of Faith, Mary Mikhael invites us to explore the challenging, sometimes heartrending, book of Joshua. Pursuing such themes as leadership, the promise of land, the concept of “holy war,” and outsiders becoming insiders, we learn ultimately to find rest in the justice and mercy of God.

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More Joshua Resources

Ecumenical edition
Order 2009-2010 Ecumenical Edition of the Horizons Bible Study HZN-09-102, $6*

Korean edition (available summer 2009)
Order 2009-2010 Korean Edition of the Horizons Bible Study HZN-09-120, $6*

Spanish edition (available summer 2009)
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Large-print edition
with Suggestions for Leaders
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Audio edition on CD (slightly abridged version;
without Suggestions for Leaders)

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Be Strong and Courageous: Praying with Joshua, A prayer journal by Tammy Wiens
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Listening for God: Reflecting on the Book of Joshua, A retreat model by Mary Elva Smith
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Pendant/charm—Joshua: A Journey of Faith(available summer 2009)

Promotional Poster (Available mid-April)
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Workshop for Leaders
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Make the Most of Your Bible Study
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Joshua Bulletin Cover
Download the Joshua Bulletin Cover (pdf)

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About the Authors

Photos of Mary Mikhael Mary Mikhael is an elder in the Presbyterian Church in Beirut, Lebanon. She holds a master of Christian education degree from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education and a doctor of education degree from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary. She has served on the faculty of the Near East School of Theology since 1984, where she still serves as its first female president. Mary has directed the women’s program of the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) and has been involved in international ecumenical movements for many years. Learn more about the Bible study author, Mary Mikhael, through a live, video interview!

Photo of Joyce MacKichan Walker Joyce MacKichan Walker is minister of education at Nassau Presbyterian Church, Princeton, New Jersey. She is a member of the board of trustees for Union-PSCE, her alma mater. She is a certified Christian educator and has served on the Christian Educator Certification Council and the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (she was chosen the 2008 APCE Educator of the Year). She cowrote Teaching Children Worship in the Sanctuary (PC(USA), 2004), and numerous study guides for TheThoughtfulChristian.com. She is author of Suggestions for Leaders for the 2007–2008 Horizons Bible study, Above and Beyond: Hearing God’s Call in Jonah and Ruth, and is a member of the Horizons editorial committee.

About the Cover Artist

A multi-media artist and native of Washington, D.C., Philip Ratner has spent many years working in sculpture, painting, etched glass, tapestry, drawing, and the graphic arts. In 1984, Philip Ratner opened The Israel Bible Museum in Safad, Israel. Since then, Ratner has spent most of his time there developing over 250 works of art on the Bible in sculpture, painting and graphics. This work continues. In addition, he has completed many private commissions and public works.

About the Art

We have used a variety of art (media, artists, styles, periods) to illustrate this study. They reflect the complexity and richness of the book of Joshua. Throughout the study, artifacts from biblical lands will help readers place what they are learning into an historic context. The illuminated manuscripts, tapestries and mosaics are there to show how Joshua has been interpreted throughout the ages. Each lesson begins with a piece of contemporary art to show the reader how artists interpret the book of Joshua today. We hope that this variety is helpful and enriching, and provides a visual foundation for the study of Joshua.






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