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2010–2011 Horizons Bible Study Illustrations by Martha Kally
2010–2011 Horizons Bible Study. Illustrations by Martha Kally

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2010–2011 Horizons Bible Study

Journeys Through Revelation
Apocalyptic Hope for Today

by Barbara R. Rossing

Suggestions for Leaders
by Louise Lawson Johnson

What comes to mind when you think of the book of Revelation? Scary images? The four horsemen come to unleash destruction? Mysterious numbers such as “666”? The endtime battle of Armageddon? In recent years, an enormous prophecy industry has marketed frightening images of Revelation, leaving many people intimidated by this amazing and often misunderstood book. Although brimming with mysterious symbolism, Revelation ultimately is a book of hope that throughout history has sustained people who are oppressed. It is a wonderfully Christ centered book, full of worship and praise.

In the 2010–2011 Horizons Bible study, Journeys through Revelation: Apocalyptic Hope for Today, Barbara Rossing guides us on a journey to meet the crucified Lamb, Jesus. In a journey reminiscent of the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery, we are led from an unjust empire and its system of domination, through mythic battles and plagues, until, ultimately, we find ourselves in a renewed creation where God comes to live with us on earth. This brilliantly hope filled vision speaks to us in the midst of the urgent crises of our day. In a time when all of creation stands at a turning point, a kairos moment, Revelation can help guide the choices we make each day as we seek to live into the renewal that God has for the whole world.

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More Revelation Resources

Ecumenical edition
Order 2010-2011 Ecumenical edition of the PW Bible Study HZN-10-102, $8*

Korean edition (available summer)
Order 2010-2011 Korean edition of the PW Bible Study HZN-10-120, $8*

Spanish edition (available summer)
Order 2010-2011 Spanish edition of the PW Bible Study HZN-10-110, $8*

Large-print edition
with Suggestions for Leaders
Order 2010-2011 Large-print edition of the PW Bible Study HZN-10-150, $12*

Audio edition on CD (available summer)
Order 2010-2011 Audio CD edition of the PW Bible Study HZN-10-172, $15/set*

Eyewitness News—Revelation Edition: Live Interviews with John of Patmos
Dale Lindsay Morgan interviews John of Patmos (voiced by Scott Dowd) in nine seven-minute radio spots that correspond to the nine lessons of the study. Supplement includes printed transcripts and a recorded CD.
Order Eyewitness News Audio. A supplement of the 2010-2011 PW Bible Study HZN-10-103, $7.50*

New! Revelation pendant/charm
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Revelation in Context
Karen Russell provides four short exercises on some of the more challenging theological concepts raised in the book of Revelation.
Download Revelation in Context from the 2010-2011 PW/Horizons Bible Study

Bulletin Cover
Download a Bulletin Insert from the 2010-2011 PW/Horizons Bible Study FREE

Workshop for Leaders
Download a Workshop for Leaders for use with the 2010-2011 PW/Horizons Bible Study HZN-10-101, FREE

Suggestions for Leaders Handouts
Download a Suggestions for Leaders Handouts for use with the 2010-2011 PW/Horizons Bible Study FREE

Lesson Summaries
These summaries are pulled from each lesson of the 2010-2011 Horizons Bible study. They provide you with a brief overview of the important aspects of each lesson.
Download Lesson Summaries for use with the 2010-2011 PW/Horizons Bible Study FREE

Main Points Outline
Pulled from each lesson of the 2010-2011 Horizons Bible study, each portion will provide you with a brief outline that covers the main points of each lesson.
Download a main points outline for use with the 2010-2011 PW/Horizons Bible Study FREE

Large Print Page Relations Guide
This guide compares the page numbering of the regular print edition of the Journeys Through Revelation Bible study with the large print edition of the Revelation Bible study.
Download a large print page relations guide for use with the 2010-2011 PW/Horizons Bible Study FREE

Video Icon Video Overview of the Study
by Barbara Rossing

Barbara Rossing introduces you (and your group!) to the Revelation study! Watch her give an overview, lesson by lesson, and share with you her hopes as you study Revelation.

* (plus shipping and handling, 10% of order total, $5.25 minimum, $65 maximum

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About the Authors

photo of Barbara Rossing Barbara R. Rossing is a Lutheran pastor and professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where she has taught since 1994. She holds a doctor of theology degree from Harvard Divinity School, a master of divinity degree from Yale Divinity School, and a bachelor of arts degree from Carleton College, with a major in geology. She is the author of The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation. Her publications include The Choice Between Two Cities: Whore, Bride and Empire in the Apocalypse, as well as articles and book chapters on Revelation, early Christian prophecy, biblical preaching, and ecology.

Barbara has served as chaplain at Harvard Divinity School, pastor at Holden Village retreat center, and assistant pastor at Bethany Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. She serves on the executive committee and council of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). She lectures and travels extensively, including leading trips to the Middle East and joining the LWF delegation to the 2009 United Nations Copenhagen summit on global climate change. She and her husband, Lauren Johnson, spend summers in Washington’s Cascade Mountains where they love to hike and cross-country ski. She has three stepchildren and one grandson.

photo of Louise Lawson Johnson Louise Lawson Johnson is an ordained PC(USA) minister who has served four congregations for more than thirty years of ministry. Louise has a special love for studying and teaching the Bible; she taught a weekly community-wide Bible study in the Memphis area for twenty-five years. Louise is a graduate of Duke University. She holds a master of divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a doctor of ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary. She has served the church at General Assembly and at synod and presbytery levels, including fifteen years on Princeton Theological Seminary’s board of trustees, with twelve years as secretary. She was project coordinator for a grant funded by the Lilly Endowment, has served as adjunct faculty at Princeton Theological Seminary, and has written adult church school curricula, Bible study leaders’ guides, and articles and chapters for a variety of publications. Louise and her husband, William Stacy Johnson, have four wonderful children and a beloved Labrador retriever.

About the Artist

photo of Martha KellyMartha Kelly is a lifelong Presbyterian from Memphis, Tennessee, who shows her paintings in galleries around the Southeast. Martha became artist-in-residence at Idlewild Presbyterian Church in 2009, and began creating biblically-based woodcuts and ink drawings for use on Sunday bulletin covers. Martha's liturgical designs and landscapes are available for viewing or for purchase at marthakellyart.com.





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