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Photo of Barbara Rossing

Video Overview of the Study

Barbara Rossing recorded the videos below to inroduce you to the 2010-2011 Horizons Bible study, Journeys Through Revelation: Apocalyptic Hope for Today. She begins by giving an overview of the entire study, and then she reviews the study, lesson by lesson. In the final segment, Barbara shares the story of how she developed such interests in the book of Revelation, and why she believes it to be a book of great hope.

The below videos, and more, are also available for viewing on the PW YouTube channel.

Download video Introduction to the Revelation Study

Download video Lesson One: An Apocalypse...

Download video Lesson Two: Seven Letters...

Lesson Three: Worshipping God and The Lamb...
(Video cannot be downloaded, but can be viewed on PW's YouTube Channel)

Download video Lesson Four: Diagnosing the Crisis of Empire

Download video Lesson Five: Singing Hymns of Hope...

Download video Lesson Six: Witness to Hope...

Download video Lesson Seven: Rapture, Violence and Exodus

Download video Lesson Eight: The Empire Has Fallen

Download video Lesson Nine: Journey Into the New Jerusalem

Download video About the Author






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