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 Resistance and Restoration:
The Message of the Prophet Jeremiah (1998--1999)

Written by Alice Ogden Bellis

Suggestions for Leaders by Nancy Scott

This Bible study focuses on Jeremiah as a voice of protest and hope in the midst of chaos and a multitude of injustices. Beginning with an overview of the political, social, and religious circumstances that influenced daily life in Judah, the author moves into a study of the most significant passages in Jeremiah. Participants will examine the progression of Jeremiah from a character insecure about his age and qualifications to be a prophet for God to a character who speaks the unpopular truth regardless of the consequences. We encounter Jeremiah as he critiques, tears down, and overthrows, but our ultimate experience is of a man faithfully awaiting the promise of God. Alice Ogden Bellis carefully selected verses of scripture to give readers a rich historical portrait and a call to action for today. In addition to showing us the maturing Jeremiah and the message God presents through him, the chosen passages speak to contemporary society. Bellis commented, "In every age God speaks through the Bible, but during different historical periods, certain portions of scripture seem to speak the most clearly to particular groups of people." Her choices of scripture highlight the issues that are still relevant and require our attention today-Jeremiah's message rings throughout the study as a voice of inspiration and hope for society.

Lesson 1: Jeremiah's World and Person -- An Overview

Lesson 2: Jeremiah's Story -- Called to Break Down and to Build Up

Lesson 3: The Temple Sermon -- Resisting Subtle Forms of Idolatry

Lesson 4: Dirty Linen, Ethiopians, and Leopard Spots -- Pride and Repentance

Lesson 5: Judah and Israel as "Wanton Women" -- Resisting Unfaithfulness

Lesson 6: A Wooden Yoke and an Iron Yoke -- Listening for the Truth

Lesson 7: Rachel and the New Community -- The Hope of Restoration

Lesson 8: A Real Estate Investment -- The Restoration of Hope

Lesson 9: Engraved on the Heart -- A New Covenant

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Resistance and Restoration: The Message of the Prophet Jeremiah:
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Korean, HZN-98-100, $4.00
Note Cards, HZN-98-100, $7.50

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