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Upcoming Horizons Bible Studies

2016–2017 *Who Is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes by Judy Siker; Suggestions for Leaders (chosen in 2015)

2017–2018 *Hebrews by Melissa Bane Sevier; Suggestions for Leaders (chosen in 2016)

2018–2019 *God's Promises by (chosen in 2015); Suggestions for Leaders (chosen in 2017)

* working title only

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Bible Study Process

The Bible study committee meets annually, usually in March, to choose a theme and author for future PW/Horizons Bible studies. To suggest a topic or potential writer, visit our guest book and submit your comments and ideas.

Future PW/Horizons Bible studies are field tested by Presbyterian Women's groups all over the country. If you think your group might be interested, read more about the process and request an application below.

Purpose of Field Testing

Each PW/Horizons Bible study is field tested to identify strengths and weaknesses in the texts chosen for each lesson, the language used to communicate ideas, the questions for discussion and the overall helpfulness of the study for spiritual growth and daily living.

What is expected?

There will be an evaluation form for each of the nine lessons for the convener to fill out for the whole group. After each lesson is studied, a summary of the responses from the whole group should be written on the form and sent in immediately for the staff to begin work. At the end of all nine studies, every person in the group will be asked to complete a final evaluation form, and these should be sent in with the ninth lesson evaluation.

When does all this begin and end?

Field testing groups are usually chosen in May. The draft of the study and the evaluation forms are sent to field testers by the beginning of August. Groups have until early December to complete their study and evaluation.

How do nine lessons fit into just a few months?

Although the Bible study is intended to be used over a longer period of time, the field testing needs to be done relatively quickly. In the past, some groups have found nine weeks during this time in order to study one lesson a week. Other groups have planned fewer but longer sessions when they can study more than one lesson at a time. Even a retreat setting could allow for study and evaluation of all nine to be done at once. Each group decides what works best for their group members.

What happens to the evaluations sent in?

Every evaluation form is sent to the Bible study author. Copies are kept in the PW Communications office, and the writer and editor work together to review all comments and suggestions. Then the writer develops a second draft, that goes through a final editing process. Test group evaluations are an important step in the development of the study itself and in the writing of "Suggestions for Leaders" for the final Bible study that is produced for the church.

What about our group?

Recognition is given to each field testing group by printing the list of all Bible study field test groups in the study book. And you receive our sincere thanks for your faithful participation.

Apply to be a field testing group!
PDF download of the form to apply to be a field testing group
WORD download of the form to apply to be a field testing group




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