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Presbyterian Mission in Europe: A Historical Overview
Duncan Hanson provides a historical overview of Presbyterian partnerships in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Carpath-Ukraine and Russia.

The Roma: A Largely Segregated Community in Central and Eastern Europe
With the help of Dan árský of the Czech Republic and Karolina Kósa of Hungary, Burkhard Paetzold tells the story of Europe’s Roma people and the supportive work that the PC(USA) and its partners are doing.

Among Equals: The Essence of Intercultural Exchanges and Interchurch Relationships
Using the example of Presbyterian Women and the Global Exchange, Joyce J. Michael explains what partnership looks like among Christians, particularly through the lens of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren.

Women’s Health and Health Promotion Programs in the Czech Republic
Petra Mandysová talks about the role of the church in improving the health of women in the Czech Republic.

That All May Be One: Ecumenism in the Czech Republic and in Europe
Ecumenism is a fundamental mission of the church, writes Nadeje Mandysová, who explains the critical nature of working across denominational lines.

Replacing Fear with Peace: The Magdala Project and Gloria House
Judia Foreman and Jindriška Krpálková talks about the mission and ministry of the Magdala Project, particularly its work with abused and exploited women in Prague.

The Hungary Connection: A Long-term Partnership
Kathy Andress-Angi shares the long history between the Hungarian Reformed Church and the Presbyterian Church.

Journey to Carpath-Ukraine
Gary Payton highlights the relationship between the PC(USA) and the Reformed Church of Transcarpathia.

Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy: Great Programs Meet Great Needs
Bob Bronkema offers a look at the diverse programs and congregations of the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy.

The Rebirth of the Church
Deborah S. Burgess explains the difficult history and exciting future of the church in Russia.

Kargel & Baedeker School: Filling Christian and Educational Needs
Deborah S. Burgess spotlights the unique and growing ministry of one of the few Christian schools in St. Petersburg.

PC(USA) Ministry in Russia
Ellen Smith explains how congregations in the United States and Russia are partnering and expanding their ministries.

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PW Resources

2008 Global Exchange and Russia Maps and Facts

Bible Study Resource
Jubilee! Luke’s Gospel for the Poor
Beverly Phillips provides additional questions for reflection for Lessons Eight and Nine of Jubilee! Luke’s Gospel for the Poor

List of 2008 Global Exchange Participants pdf icon

Installation Service for Presbyterian Women pdf icon
Rebecca Harrison

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Joined and Knitted Together in Love pdf icon
A Global Exchange Introduction
Susan Jackson Dowd

Working for Justice and Peace
All (of My) Roads Lead to Moscow
Lydia Troncale

Supporting Mission
"Hello, This is Burkhard Speaking":
An Interview with PC(USA) Regional Liaisons
Kathy Reeves

Dispatch from Forbearance Presbyterian Church
An Invitation to Speak
Charlotte Johnstone

Nurturing Our Faith
Not a Long Story, but a Love Story
Steve Shussett

Building Community
Building the Community of Children
Carol Gruber

Faithful Parenting
The Greatest Commandment
Amy Starr Redwine

Strengthening the PC(USA) pdf icon
Being One in Mission
Linda Bryant Valentine



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MAR/APR 2009

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