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From the Beginning: Re-creation
Nancy Copeland-Payton reminds us that if we slow down, we can recognize and participate in God’s ongoing work of creation.

Transitions: Reflections on Healthy Choices When Your Life Changes Unexpectedly
Mary Elva Smith reflects on her experience of losing her husband and suggests ways to deal with sudden change.

Discerning Your Volunteer Path
SarahLee Morris shares insights on what to consider—from skills to logistics—when thinking about volunteering.

Transformative Travel: Mission Trips and Intentional Travel Draw Increasing Numbers
Ellen Birkett-Morris explores the emerging trend of
service vacations through the experiences of two Presbyterian women, Carol Hylkema and Judy Martin.

Learning Together in Cross-Cultural Situations
Debby Vial offers suggestions on how to cope with the changes that a cross-cultural vacation or mission can bring.

Young Adult Volunteers: Transformation—One Life, One Year at a Time
Essie Buxton profiles four young adult volunteers who gave a year of service and received a life-changing experience.

Free to Be the Church: Russian Christians Doing the Church’s Work
Zhenya Pustoshkina discusses volunteering in Russia, and how committed volunteers throughout the world are helping youth through Young Life.

Digging in the Dirt: Recreation and Education at Ghost Ranch
Laura Lee meets some unlikely paleotologists at Ghost Ranch.

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PW Resources

PW Mission Pledge:
Blessings Without Boundaries
pdf icon
Emily Enders Odom

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Faith, Health and Growth
Cheryl Hilderbrand

Gathering pdf icon
Recreation and Re-creation at the Gathering

Dispatch from Forbearance Presbyterian Church
A Choir Transformed
Charlotte Johnstone

Nurturing Our Faith
A Time to Laugh
Steve Shussett

Building Community
A Community in a Home
Carol Gruber

Supporting Mission
Mission and Ecumenism at the Chat’n Chew
Yvonne Hileman

Working for Justice and Peace
Title to come
Noha Koury

Health Connections
Healthy Work–Life Balance: Silencing the Inner Calvin Voice
Pat Gleich

Pages Worth Turning

News and Information About Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Faithful Parenting
Practicing Playfulness
Amy Starr Redwine

Strengthening the PC(USA) pdf icon
Exercising the Faith–Health Connection
Linda Bryant Valentine



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