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Living Simply: Holistic Discipleship in a Spendthrift World
Mihee Kim-Kort explores the theological basis for living simply and what good stewardship can do for our faith and our world.

The Simple Living Journey: Joy and Freedom and Life pdf icon
Melanie Hardison reflects on the perpetual quest to live simply and some watershed moments inher own path to living with less stuff and more life.

Living Simply, Eating Simply
Ruth Farrell offers a look at how one of our most common acts—eating—and how our choices impact not only our bodies, but also our communities and the world.

The Power of a Purchase: How Buying Thoughtfully Can Improve Lives
Carrie Hawthorne shares tips on how to spend mindfully, from supporting nonprofits to buying Fair Trade products that lift families out of poverty.

Giving Our Children the Gift of Simplicity pdf icon
Melissa Florer-Bixler unwraps one of the best gifts parents can give children—a simple life with a small carbon footprint!

A Seed Bears Much Fruit: Thriving Birthday Offering Recipient Helps Fund Mission in Asia pdf icon
Yvonne Hileman spotlights mutual giving between the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Yodogawa Christian Hospital.

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PW Resources

Bible Study Resource—Joshua: A Journey of Faith
Anne-Cecile Baer-Porter and Irvin Porter offer their perspectives on Lessons Six and Seven of Joshua: A Journey of Faith.

2010 Birthday Offering Recipients

Birthday Offering Dedication Service

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The Spirit of Simplicity
Tonya Wagner

Going in Circles
Bligh Jones

News and Information About Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Pages Worth Turning

What One PW Is Doing
Becoming the Hands of Christ
Mary Weber

Working for Justice and Peace
Simply Speaking Out
Elaine VanCleave

Supporting Mission
Living Simply, Loving Greatly
Carol Somplatsky-Jarman

Discernment pdf icon
Empty Tea Cups
Nancy Copeland-Payton

Faithful Parenting
Simplicity Through Clarity
Amy Starr Redwine

Building Community
Building the Community of Native People
Carol Gruber

Strengthening the PC(USA)
A Gift to Be Simple
Linda Bryant Valentine



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