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Crime and Consequence: Exploring Justice Through Reconciliation pdf icon
Mel Baars reflects on her work in a juvenile detention center and what she learned there about the healing power of restorative—rather than retributive—justice.

Release to the Captives?
Janet Wolf provides insights into who is imprisoned in the United States, asking questions about the priorities of our criminal justice system and the best models for prison ministries.

Waking Up and Speaking Out: Crime, Forgiveness and Capital Punishment
Sister Helen Prejean shares how she came to be not just involved in social justice, but the country’s best-known advocate for abolishing the death penalty.

Race and Incarceration: Understanding the Connections
Cynthia Holder Rich explores the connections between race and poverty in sentencing and incarceration rates in the United States, reminding us that systemic oppression must still be overcome.

“Mom, Why Is God Not Helping Us?”: Private, For-profit Prisons Holding Children and Families
Si Kahn spotlights the T. Don Hutto detention center, a for-profit prison, and why such facilities run counter to a faith-based understanding of justice.

Advocating for Our Brothers and Sisters: The Violations of Detention Centers
Julia Thorne summarizes the history of detention centers as part of the U.S. immigration policy, and the heartbreaking stories of Presbyterian brothers and sisters trapped in detention centers.

Empty Spaces: When Parents Are Imprisoned
Carol Fennelly discusses the impact of incarceration on children when their parents are incarcerated, and what one Washington, D.C.-based organization is doing to help fathers in prison reconnect with their children.

ABC Literacy
Mea Kaemmerlen highlights the impressive work of ABC Prison Literacy, a ministry of Nassau Presbyterian Church and its community, to help men who are incarcerated build literacy skills and self-esteem.

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PW Resources

Giving the Best and Giving in Abundance: An Overview of Celebration Giving pdf icon
Marta Rodríguez

PW Mission Pledge pdf icon
Debbie Braaksma

Searching Sara Needs You!
Building PW’s 2012–2015 Churchwide Coordinating Team

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In Captivity, Set Free
Theresa W. Godfrey

What One PW Is Doing
Graduating Into the Challenges of Life
Judy Wason

Building Community
Building God’s Community in a Prison
Carol Gruber

Going in Circles pdf icon
With This Ring
Bligh Jones

Supporting Mission
Fair Trade in the Andes
Carol Somplatsky-Jarman

Pages Worth Turning

Discernment pdf icon
Who Do You See?
Nancy Copeland-Payton

Mosaic pdf icon
News and Information About Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Faithful Parenting
Conflict, Communication and Prayer
Amy Starr Redwine

Strengthening the PC(USA)
Prison Ministries Throughout Our Presbyteries
Linda Bryant Valentine



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