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How Do I Read the Bible? A Guide for Reformed (Presbyterian) Christians in the Twenty-first Century pdf icon
Earl S. Johnson explores the hallmarks of a Reformed (and more specifically, Presbyterian) approach to reading scriptures.

The Canon of Scripture: A Quick History and Current Usage
Alexander Hwang explains how, when and why our Christian Bible took the shape it has today, as well as the relationship of the Protestant Bible to the scriptures of other traditions.

Lectionary 101: What it is, where it came from and who uses it
Mary Austin describes the structure and benefits of using the Revised Common Lectionary, the three-year calendar for reading the Bible.

Guidelines for Reading Scripture Aloud
David Gambrell offers principles for reading scripture aloud that give honor to God’s Word and make the reading an engaging and meaningful experience for the reader and listeners.

The Common English Bible: A Behind the Scenes Look at a “Fresh Translation to Touch the Heart and Mind”
Elizabeth F. Caldwell shares a behind-the-scenes, advance look at the Common English Bible, a new translation with a focus on clarity and accessibility, and why this translation is relevant for Presbyterian women.

Leading an Interactive Bible Study pdf icon
Donna MacArt Havrisko gives tips
for how to make Bible study a participatory, engaging and even life-changing experience

Don’t Just Say It; Sing It! Studying the Bible Through Hymns
Mary Louise Bringle highlights the connections between scripture and song, pointing out the ways that hymns expand our understanding of scripture. Adam Copeland offers an update on the new Presbyterian hymnal in development.

Biblical Feasting: Praising God Through Food
Lise Worthington examines the scriptural foundations for eating mindfully, prayerfully and locally as a way to honor God.

Get Resource-ful!
Find resources to enrich your understanding and application of the articles in this issue.

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PW Resources

PW Mission Pledge: Your Dollars at Work pdf icon
Sharon Dunne Gillies

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Devotion pdf icon
Today, I Will Begin
Cecilia Amorocho Hickerson

Going in Circles
Bligh Jones

What One PW Is Doing
Sisters in Christ
Connie Dale

Building Community
The Importance of Prayer and Bible Study
Carol Gruber

Supporting Mission
Serving with Presbyterian Women in Guatemala
Amanda Craft

Working for Justice and Peace pdf icon
Words Matter
Meagan Manas

Entering the Text
Nancy Copeland-Payton

Pages Worth Turning

News and Information About Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Faithful Parenting
Storytelling for Kids and Grownups
Amy Starr Redwine

Strengthening the PC(USA)
So Many Books, So Little Time
Linda Bryant Valentine

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