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Cover of the July/August 2012 issue of Horizons magazine of an illustration of a two people at peace, holding a dove

The Peacemakers, Tolu Aliki, Nigeria.

About This Issue
War and Peace

Perhaps we were dreaming too big in naming a magazine after an epic novel that's considered a literature classic the world over. But these two things—war and peace—seem to be universal parts of our human condition; they're themes that we'll revisit over and over.

It seems that we can't watch or read news without hearing about violence. Perhaps it's on a national scale, like the fighting that divided Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan, or maybe it's conflict within a community, like the gun violence tht plagues Philadelphia. Thankfully, within or following those stories, we also hear about determined, loving people who are making peace one conversation, one community, one issue at a time.

You won't find Leo Tolstoy's timeless prose in the following paes. But you will find reflections about war and peace in our time, and the ways that faithful individuals are taking a stand as a witness to God's promise that there be peace and wholeness for all.


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How to Use This Magazine

Horizons is the magazine of Presbyterian Women. It is planned and designed for individuals and PW circles, newcomers and longtime participants in the organization. You'll notice resources are scattered throughout the magazine—in sidebars, boxes and sometimes entire articles—because Presbyterian Women is made up of leaders, both current leaders and women with leadership potential. Participants in Presbyterian Women are also active—in their congregation, community and world—so we work to include ways you can respond to what you read in Horizons.

The purpose of Horizons magazine is the same as the purpose of our publisher, Presbyterian Women:

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit we commit ourselves:

  • to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study
  • to support the mission of the church worldwide
  • to work for justice and peace
  • to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God's kingdom

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In Our Next Issue
July/August 2012

War and Peace

Horizons splooshKatie Day highlights the issue of gun violence and the response of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to this issue.

Horizons splooshBrenson Bishop spotlights the work of chaplains and veteran ministries in supporting those who have served our country in the military.

Horizons splooshRecipients of the Thank Offering are announced and a dedication service for your church or group's offering is included.

Horizons splooshMagdalena I. Garcia begins the resources to support Dispatches to God's Household: The General Epistles.

Horizons splooshAnd much more!



Current Issue

Cover of the July/August 2012 issue of Horizons magazine of an illustration of a two people at peace, holding a dove

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