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Collage of images from the Appalachia by Stephanie Morris (Unto These HIlls, 2013 USA Mission Experience in Appalachia)


Rooted and Established, Brass Art,
Meadow Arts Commission 2009, image courtesy Meadow Arts

About This Issue
Transplants: Putting Down Roots

It’s too easy to fall into doomsaying and sweeping generalizations about younger generations moving away from the church, and abandoning institutions and mindsets held dear by those of us who have labored over and grayed over them. In reality, our church is blessed to have many committed, thoughtful, hopeful young adults as members.

And when Horizons, Presbyterians Today and Unbound decided to collaborate on an issue by and focused on young adults (ages 18–35), many stepped forward to participate. Nine were selected to serve on an editorial team for this issue. They met to brainstorm themes, article ideas, art and illustration possibilities. They pulled inspiration from sermons and TV shows, seminary and Sunday school classes, church sanctuaries and the proverbial coffee houses.

A diverse group, they identified topics that spoke to their experiences of church—the ways they feel strongly rooted in the Presbyterian Church and the other, sometimes conflicting, root systems and soils that feed their identities. They called on writers and artists who could help articulate and illustrate these ideas.

The young adult editorial team worked to create a platform for sharing their vision for the church, their faith experiences, and the creative and innovative ways young people are already doing church. They celebrate the joy of living together in shared faith and connecting across generations. They also speak about how churches and denominational programming miss the mark in speaking with young adults about faithful living.

Hear what these young adults are saying about the church and about Presbyterian Women. Listen for ways that your group, circle or congregation can ensure that the “inclusive, caring community” we aim for in the PW Purpose includes young adults. Perhaps you’d like to discuss this issue at an intergenerational coffee hour?

In keeping our magazine’s focus on women, this issue focuses on the stories and hopes of young adult women in the church. Some have ties to Presbyterian Women already, and some may welcome your invitation to meet with Presbyterian Women for the first time.

When you finish this issue of Horizons, don’t forget to check out Unbound’s young adult issue (available online at www.justiceunbound.org) and Presbyterians Today’s issue (order item 17116-14-004 by calling 800/524-2612 or visiting www.pcusa.org/store). You’ll find other articles, art, resource recommendations and even playlists of songs that speak to how young adults live and breathe their faith.

Thank you to the members of the editorial team who developed content for Horizons—Sarah Cairatti, Mihee Kim-Kort and Terra Winston. And thank you to the other members of the editorial team—Jana Blazek, Joseph Lemuel Morrow and Jeff Schooley (who created content for Presbyterians Today) and Jocelyn Kirk, Kyung Chun “KC” Kye and John Russell Stanger (who worked for Unbound). Thank you, too, to Patrick Heery at Presbyterians Today and Ginna Bairby and Chris Iosso at Unbound. Finally, thank you to Rob Fohr, Abbi Heimach and Emily Morgan in the Young Adult Catalyst Office for helping to make this issue possible.

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How to Use This Magazine

Horizons is the magazine of Presbyterian Women. It is planned and designed for individuals and PW circles, newcomers and longtime participants in the organization. You'll notice resources are scattered throughout the magazine—in sidebars, boxes and sometimes entire articles—because Presbyterian Women is made up of leaders, both current leaders and women with leadership potential. Participants in Presbyterian Women are also active—in their congregation, community and world—so we work to include ways you can respond to what you read in Horizons.

The purpose of Horizons magazine is the same as the purpose of our publisher, Presbyterian Women:

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit we commit ourselves:

  • to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study

  • to support the mission of the church worldwide

  • to work for justice and peace

  • to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God's kingdom

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In Our Next Issue: July/August 2014
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swish Achol Majok Kur shares the impact of decades of violence in South Sudan and how people are choosing and creating peace amidst the many forms of aggression and violence.

swish Joy Durrant offers sugestions on how to support the Global Exchange participant in your synod as she prepares for the trip, travels and then begins interpretation of the trip back home.

swish The 2014 Thank Offering grant recipients are announced.

swishAnd much more!



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