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Digging up Dirt on the Millennial
Generation: A look at the cultural and
religious experiences that have shaped
young adults and their desires for the

Jeffrey A. Schooley examines the cultural soil in which the Millennial generation has their roots and the resulting generation-specific needs Millennials have for the church.

Putting Down Roots: Community in Diaspora
Mihee Kim-Kort reflects on how issues of identity and belonging experienced by generations of Asian Americans are also reflective of the experiences of young adults living in a digital age.

“I Wanna Be Rich”: The Kingdom of God
and the Myth of the American Dream

Jae Cho explores how what is hailed as ideal—the American Dream and even the pursuit of education—can leave us feeling empty, isolated and overwhelmed, and the role of the church in bringing us closer to a meaningful life.

Hybridity as Process: How Diversity Shapes Church Identity
Anna Kendig and Lindsey Anderson discuss the differences between hybridity and diversity and the sometimes painful, yet valuable work of participating in transformational ministry and community.

Foundation of Flexibility
Ashley-Anne Masters shares her experience of being a young clergywoman, struggling to find her first call . . . and the support she found in the connectional Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to follow other passions and keep hope alive while waiting for her call.

Presbyterian Mingle: Young Adult Relationships and the Church
Hannah M. Kirby offers her perspective on what it’s like to navigate relationships—from finding the right church and small group to pursuing a romantic relationship—as a young adult in the PC(USA).

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PW Resources

Giving with Purpose: The Impact of Your Gift to the Mission Pledge
Katie Blume

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The Search for Authenticity in the Modern World
Beth Ruhl

Building Community
My Doñas
Linda Jim?énez

Faithful Parenting
On Loan, In Community
Stephanie Friant

Working for Justice and Peace
Partnerships Outside Comfort Zones
C. A. Peters

Pages Worth Turning

Supporting Mission
Generation Alive: Individually Capable, Collectively Unbelievable
Molly Hough

What One PW Is Doing
Studying Our History with My People
Hillary Moses Mohaupt

News and Information About Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Strengthening the PC(USA)
Why Church?
Jessica Tate




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