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About Horizons

Horizons magazine provides information, inspiration and education from the perspectives of women who are committed to Christ, the church and faithful discipleship. Horizons brings current issues dealing with family life, the mission of the church and the challenges of culture and society to its readers. Interviews, feature articles, Bible study resources and departments offer help and insight for up-to-date, day-to-day concerns of the church and individual Christians.

A Bible study is produced every year for individual or small-group study. Written by leading theologians and pastors in the Reformed tradition, it provides contemporary research and background information along with probing questions for what the texts have to say to us today. Use Bible studies from previous years to pursue your own questions and interests.

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The publications produced by Horizons follow a 130-year tradition of publishing by women in the Presbyterian Church. By subscribing to Horizons, you're helping to keep that publishing tradition alive; without the Presbyterian women who subscibe and engage with Horizons, this resource would disappear.


Writers' Guidelines

Horizons is published by Presbyterian Women for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The purpose statement for Presbyterian Women is

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit we commit ourselves:

  • to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,
  • to support the mission of the church worldwide,
  • to work for justice and peace,
  • to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God's kingdom
  1. Horizons welcomes articles, stories and poems of varying themes and topics.
  2. Articles/stories should be between 600 and 1,800 words.
  3. Submissions should be printed on white paper and double-spaced.
  4. Submissions may be accompanied by a photograph, an illustration or a suggestion for design.
  5. Writers should include: name, address, email address, day and evening telephone numbers, and social security number.
  6. Horizons offers an honorarium of no less than $50 per page printed in the magazine—amount will vary depending on time and research required for writing the article.

Writers can mail, email, or fax their article to Horizons.

Address: PW Assistant Editor,
100 Witherspoon St., Louisville, Kentucky, 40202-1396
Email: Yvonne Hileman
Fax: 502/569-8085
Phone: 888/728-7228, ext. 5897 or 502/569-5897

Please mark all correspondence "attention: Yvonne Hileman "

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Issue Theme Deadline**
for Manuscripts
Nov/Dec '14 Health & Care-giving 06/01/14
Jan/Feb '15 Global Exchange 08/01/14
Mar/Apr '15 Feminism & Empowering Women (Corinthians ends) 10/01/14
May/June '15 Language 12/01/14
July/Aug '15 Why PW? / Gathering (Water starts) 02/01/15
Sept/Oct '15 Mission and Racism 04/01/15
Nov/Dec '15 Eco-justice 06/01/15
Jan/Feb '16 Violence 08/01/15
Mar/Apr '16 Celebrating Women (Water ends) 10/01/15
May/June '16 Communications Justice 12/01/15
July/Aug '16 Sabbath (Who Is Jesus starts) 02/01/16
Sept/Oct '16 Identity 04/01/16
Nov/Dec '16 Mission/USA Mission Experience 06/01/16

The Horizons editorial committee meets biannually (usually in April and October) to brainstorm and plan the themes and articles for the upcoming year. Updated theme/deadline information will be available immediately following these meetings. Purpose statements and explanations of each theme are available by contacting the PW Associate Editor (contact information given above).

NOTE: Themes and deadlines subject to revision
* Working title
** Deadline for invited writers; inquiries regarding submitting content should be two months prior to deadline.
Contact Sharon Dunne-Gillies, PW Associate Editor, sharon.gillies@pcusa.org, or Betsy Ensign-George, PW Associate Editor, betsy.ensigh-george@pcusa.org with questions.


Special Features

Resources for Presbyterian Women in Horizons magazine:

swishie January/February—Birthday Offering recipients, annual Horizons index

swishie March/April—Installation service for church leaders

swishie July/August—Thank Offering (including Health Ministries) recipients

swishie November/December—Fellowship of the Least Coin, Celebrate the Gifts of Women insert


In Every Issue

swishie Books—recent and exciting resources to add to your collection

swishie Devotional—for personal or group reflection and inspiration

swishie Going in Circles —a light-hearted and food-oriented look at life as a member of a Presbyterian Women's group

swishie What One PW Is Doing —a profile of a nontraditional project that a PW group supports

swishie Mosaic—news and information from around the church

swishie Supporting Mission—see how PW's offering monies are put to work

swishie Working for Justice and Peace—highlights of how different individuals and PW groups are working for justice and peace


Permission Guidelines

Horizons materials are copyrighted. When material taken from Horizons is published outside the Presbyterian Women network, written permission must be obtained. When material is used in any way, Horizons must be credited as the source. Horizons cannot grant permission to reprint material that appears in the magazine or Bible study by permission from another copyrighted source.

For permission to reprint, contact Sharon Dunne Gillies, PW Associate Editor. Requests can be faxed or emailed.

Phone: 502/569-5688
FAX 502/569-8085
email: Sharon Dunne Gillies

Promote Horizons!

Order a Horizons subscription card poster to hang in your church, presbytery office or synod office. The poster promotes Horizons magazine and Bible study and features detachable cards for new subscribers. Contact Carissa Herold or call 888/728-7228, ext. 5322.

Make Horizons part of your next PW event with subscription skits and free promotional items.

Download the "Preparing for a Journey" bible study promotios skit "Preparing for a Journey" Bible Study Promotions skit.
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Download the "Get Your Own Copy" subscription skit "Get Your Own Copy" subscription skit.
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Download the "Archeology" subscription skit (performed at the 2006 Churchwide Gathering!) "Archeology" subscription skit (performed at the 2006 Churchwide Gathering).
Download the "Game Show" subscription skit (performed at the 2009 Churchwide Gathering) "Game Show " subscription skit (performed at the 2009 Churchwide Gathering).
Download the "Church Thrift Sale" subscription skit "The Church Thrift Sale" subscription skit.

To request Horizons promotional items, contact Jung Ju Winner,
PW Communications Specialist; email Jung Ju Winner or call 888/728-7228, ext. 5389. Items and availability will vary.


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