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Horizons Staff

Call (844) PWPCUSA (844/797-2872) to reach PW staff, who are listed below with areas of responsibility.

Susan Jackson Dowd
x5368 or email
Executive Director
Administration, Churchwide Coordinating Team, Gathering, Presbyterian Women organization, public relations, resources

Betsy Ensign-George
x5366 or email
Associate Editor
Horizons Bible study, Horizons content, editing, field testing

Sharon Dunne Gillies
x5688 or email
Associate Editor
Horizons content, Web content, permissions, translations

Cindy Goodman
x5387 or email
Mission Specialist
Thank Offering, Birthday Offering

Veronica Green
x5844 or email
Administrative Assistant
CCT arrangements, resources, meetings, administration, leadership development grants

Carissa Herold
x5322 or email
Marketing Associate
Promotion, advertising, marketing, subscriptions, event support

Yvonne Hileman
x5897 or email
Assistant Editor
Copyediting, project management, justice and peace, scheduling, social media

Laura M. Lee
x5400 or email
Art Director
Production/project management, art direction, design

Patricia Longfellow
x 8015 or email
Administrative Assistant
Information, data bases, racial ethnic support, Gathering, funds development support

Rhonda Martin
x5596 or email
Finance Manager
Budget, contracts, finances, accounting

Stephanie M. Morris, MIS
x5358 or email
Multimedia Associate/Designer
Design, production, Web, technical support, multimedia

Debbie Paris
x5662 or email
Production and Design Assistant
Design, production, displays, archives, technical

Katharine Reeves
 x5402 or email
Mission Associate
Synod support, Global Exchange, Together in Service, USA Mission Experience, leader development, mission

Jung Ju Winner
 x5389 or email
Marketing Assistant
Promotion/marketing materials, Honorary Life Memberships, event support, Horizons rep


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